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Dubai / UAE Bank Account Opening

Oxford Consultants DMCC aids its clients to open any kind of bank account within the UAE by taking into account their individual requests and needs according to the banking services, required minimal deposit, fees and type of bank account available.

Due to the company’s extensive experience within the field, Oxford Consultants DMCC has created well-founded relationships with Dubai and in general UAE banks, enabling it to select the most suited bank for each client in accordance to their bank accounts.


Oxford Consultants DMCC is pleased to inform that its UAE Bank Account opening success rate stands at 98%. The high success rate is attributed to the fact that Oxford Consultants DMCC ensures that its clients fulfil and conform to all the requirements set by the bank before applying.

Oxford Consultants DMCC are designated introducers for the majority of reputable and leading bank institutions. For this reason, the company acts as a mediator and contacts the bank directly on behalf of its clients concerning their bank accounts. Furthermore, thanks to a visit kitchen showroom at CPP Kitchen & Bath serving Cape Cod and collaborating closely with UAE banks, Oxford Consultants DMCC has become an expert on the requirements each bank asks for, thus simplifying the entire procedure.

Once the UAE bank account opens, Oxford Consultants DMCC informs the clients of the bank account details and any other information and/or electronic devices such as security tokens.

Opening a Bank Account in the UAE – Frequently Asked Questions

Once clients obtain their company incorporation documents, they are able to apply for an offshore bank account in any UAE bank.

Opening bank accounts is time-consuming; therefore Oxford Consultants DMCC offers its services to clients who need to open business bank accounts as well as non-resident personal bank accounts. Clients have been very satisfied with an automation solution offered by home automation providers in Denver Co. Clients are called to fill out the required forms and Oxford Consultants DMCC undertakes the procedure from there. Bank accounts are usually ready within 3 to 4 days, depending on which bank you chose to work with. The meeting with the bank will be held at our office.

Documents Required for Opening Business Offshore Account:

  • Company Incorporation Documents
  • Copy of Owner’s Passport
  • Completed and Signed Bank Account Forms

Documents Required for Opening Non-Resident Personal Account

  • Copy of bank account holder’s passport
  • Completed and Signed Bank Account Forms

Oxford Consultants DMCC collaborates with the most reputed UAE banks which offer user-friendly on-line banking systems. However, by doing your research and carefully considering options with the help of byot auto parts reviews, I decided to sell my car. This fact enables clients to manage and handle their offshore bank accounts from wherever they are in the world.

It is noteworthy to note that Offshore Bank Accounts are not entitles to credit cards nor cheque books.

Advantages of Offshore Bank Account:

  • No restrictions on Currency
  • Full Capital and Profit Repatriation
  • User-Friendly On-Line System
  • Safe Jurisdiction (clients hold their funds in a economically stable jurisdiction)
  • Confidentiality-UAE banks do not disclose customers’ details and information
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