Why set up a RAK Offshore Company


100% Exemption from Tax


One or more directors both physical or corporate


No paid-up share capital


Accounting and Audit not required


No restrictions on Citizenship and / or Residency


No limits set on Capital Expatriation


Open Bank Accounts anywhere in the world


No Control on Currency


Companies can conduct business outside the UAE


Full Confidentiality


Obtain Registered Address in UAE (Agent’s Address)


No Time Zone Boundaries

About RAK Offshore company

RAK Offshore is the first entity throughout the Middle East to provide the registration of International Business Companies (IBC). The authority offers customers complete confidentiality and safety.

The UAE is considered as being a politically stable jurisdiction, where its economy is rapidly developing and progressing. The UAE is also home to RAK, one of the fastest growing, most stable and developed emirates.

RAK-based Offshore Companies benefit greatly as they are allowed to carry out business in diverse fields on an international basis. RAK Offshore Companies may get involved is asset protection, real estate holding, trusts and/or funds, inheritance planning, trading and tax planning.

Based on the law, the shareholders’ names and details of RAK Offshore Companies are confidential and are never disclosed. One shareholder and one director are required to set up a RAK Offshore Company, which can be the same individual. Furthermore, companies need minimum capital to register as RAK Offshore Company. Finally, at present the UAE has more than forty Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements DTAAs) with other countries.


Interested in establishing a UAE RAK Offshore Company?

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Oxford Consultants is a registered agent of RAK and provides RAK offshore company formation, management & administration services for RAK entities.

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Cost of RAK Offshore Company Formation Services include:

Services included:

  • Registered Address
  • Registered Agent
  • Company Secretarial Services


Charges included in setting up a RAK Offshore Company:

  • Agent’s service fees
  • Government fees

Documents Required Include:

  • Register of Shares
  • Seal of Company
  • Original Share Certificate
  • Original Copy of Memorandum
  • Original Copy of Articles of Association
  • Appointment of Secretary and Director
  • Register of Directors

Dia Constantinou - RAK offshore company formation expert

Dia Constantinou / RAK Offshore company formation expert

I help potential clients register their companies within the UAE.

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RAK Offshore Company Setup Process

Approximately one week is needed to register a RAK Offshore International Company.

We make the entire registration procedure is simple and fast:

We get approval for the name and activity of your company.
Our clients sign the Incorporation Documents and provide us with the required personal details.
We are in charge of submitting the client’s documents to the Registrar of the RAK Authority.
Within approximately 2 working days the client’s company is ready.
Once the client’s RAK Offshore Company has been set up, the client can open a Corporate Bank Account and begin his/her business transactions.

Documents Required:

  • Passport Copy;
  • Residential Address;
  • UAE Visa/Entry Stamp (if applicable);
  • A Valid E-Mail and Phone Number;
  • Proof of Address (example: latest Utility Bill);
  • Short Curriculum Vitae (CV)- include education, previous 3 employment positions, contact details);
  • Personal Bank Reference – confirming you are the client of the bank.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Tax-Free jurisdiction is a country which imposes low tax rates or does not impose taxes at all. Different countries may be considered tax havens concerning a range of taxes. Sovereign governments have the right and power to pass and introduce taxes in their countries. Offshore companies and international businesses can be established within tax-free jurisdictions in order to minimise taxes and reduce costs of management.

Offshore companies may protect their assets if assets are owned by the actual company and not an individual. For instance, the company can be placed as part of a trust or foundation.

RAK Offshore authority has no public records. As such the details of the shareholders and directors of RAK Offshore Companies are not disclose to the public or any third party.
A RAK Offshore Company is not imposed any taxes on capital gains and/or profits. Furthermore, a RAK Offshore Company is not subject to any withholding taxes and value-added tax.

An IBC stands for International Business Company. An IC stands for International Company. IBCs and ICs are allowed to engage in business activities anywhere in the world apart from the country of incorporation. Generally, IBCs and ICs are set up in tax-free locations and benefit from all the advantages these territories provide.

A RAK Offshore Company is allowed to have one to fifteen shareholders. The responsibility and liability of a shareholder is limited to his/her capital share. Public records of shareholders do not exist, hence full confidentiality is guaranteed.

A RAK Offshore Company does not have to pay minimum capital. The RAK Offshore Company is included only in the Memorandum of Association. Furthermore, bearer shares are not approved nor allowed. Finally, anu currency can be used for the share capital.
Companies or individuals who seek to protect their assets, legally minimize tax payments (UAE is a zero tax jurisdiction), interested in setting up an exchange control trading vehicle, open a bank account in UAE or own property within UAE are usually interested in establishing a RAK Offshore Company.

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